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By Green Company | November 22, 2011

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Lake Winnipeg Eutrophication

By Green Company | November 23, 2014

Interesting article on media! News Magazine about Lake Winnipeg eutrophication and the growing problem it is around the world. Bodies of water around the world are seeing the size and frequency of harmful algae blooms increase as a result of a process known as eutrophication. The bad news – it can lead to very harmful effects including aquatic hypoxia. The good news – it can be controlled through planning and smart stewardship of our water resources.

From the article:

…flush a toilet in Calgary and that water will eventually end up in Lake Winnipeg

If that doesn’t say ‘out of sight, out of mind’, what does?

Read the article heremedia! Interview with Marlo Campbell – Lake Winnipeg Foundation

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Surrey Opens BC’s First Public Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

By GreenCompany | July 18, 2013

Did you know that Surrey is home to British Columbia’s first open to the public fast charging station for electric vehicles? A new DC fast charging facility has been made available to the public at BC Hydro’s Powertech facility in Surrey. You can find the Powertech facility in Surrey at 12388 – 88 Avenue.

The new Surrey facility features a DC Fast Charger that can charge an electric vehicle in just 10 to 30 minutes and is part of a plan to have 30 DC fast chargers installed in B.C.. There are also four ‘level two’ charging stations at the Powertech site. The level two stations can fully-charge a vehicle in approximately four hours.

“As more of these fast charging stations open throughout B.C., electric vehicle drivers will have the confidence to travel between communities without worrying about lengthy wait times to charge their cars,” President and CEO of BC Hydro Charles Reid said at the opening of the Powertech charging facility. And he’s right because for many consumers a four hour wait could be a bit much to get them out of their gasoline-powered vehicles. But with just a few short years we have seen tremendous progress in not only the time it takes to charge an electric vehicle but also in the availability of public charging stations.

DC Fast Charger in Surrey BC

Powertech Labs’ free DC electric vehicle fast charger

I’ve seen more charging stations popping up all around town but I didn’t know that there were already so many options besides plugging in at home or work. By using a website like you can get a better idea at how many charging locations are already available. Driving from one side of Canada to the other in an electric vehicle is now a reality, though you will need some patience or good trip route planning to maximize your time. With the installation of even more fast chargers, we may see more consumers ready to convert to electric vehicles. There are also some incentives available for the purchase of electric and/or hybrid vehicles and chargers in Canada, but they vary between provinces.

British Columbia and Quebec who both derive the majority of their electrical capacity through clean sources are good candidates for electric vehicles. And with transportation accounting for a large share of total greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, an expansion of electric vehicles and their supporting infrastructure can go a long way to helping reduce transportation-borne emissions.

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Electronics Product Stewardship of Canada

By Green Guest | May 28, 2013

With environmental concerns being important to more and more people, there are lots of companies making claims these days about having green products, environmentally friendly/organic foods, green cleaning products, and even green electronics – but what companies are actually doing something and which ones are greenwashing the public? It can be time consuming and often very frustrating, to tell just what different product manufacturers are doing when it comes to their environmental programs and actions. So where does that leave the conscientious consumer?

Fortunately there are a few good places to start – for electronics anyways – and one is to look at the members of Electronics Product Stewardship of Canada. It is an organization made up of brand owners who are trying to influence Canada’s policies around e-waste by working with local, provincial and federal governments.

The EPSC – Electronics Product Stewardship of Canada, was founded by Electro-Federation Canada and the Information Technology Association of Canada. Since 2003 the EPSC has worked as a not-for-profit, industry-led organization with a goal to design, promote and implement sustainable solutions for the recycling of end-of-life electronics. The EPSC has stewardship programs in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and PEI.

The organizations listed below are some of the members of Electronics Product Stewardship of Canada, and they are taking active steps to help alleviate and be part of the solution to the current global 50,000,000 ton-a-year e-waste crisis.
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