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Adina means “life” in Sengalese

By GreenCompany | November 5, 2008

Adina is an interesting little website … it’s ultimately a beverage company that sells drinks that are not only organic but from sellers designated as fair trade groups. Adina derives its name from a Sengalese word meaning life and it seems appropriate that the founders are trying to infuse healthy drinks with a mix of music and culture that crosses borders and boundries all while being sustainable and environmentally minded.  Included in their website is an area where you can sample music from all over the world and they’ve managed to pair it with some of their beverage products. Here you can listen to Cuban music from their Mojito Mix playlist also available for purchase online. But if you want to try some of Adina’s refreshing flavors, they are only available in select retail supermarkets.

Check out Adina at:

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