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Fireworks Event Furniture

By Green Company | February 25, 2009

Fireworks Event Furniture from Vancouver British Columbia offers consumers environmentally friendly choices in high end event rental furniture. Fireworks Event Furniture is Western Canada’s largest provider of rental furniture for the event and hospitality industries. They offer designer collections of event furniture that are environmentally conscious and wherever possible Fireworks Event Furniture buy from domestic suppliers who have demonstrated green manufacturing practices. This growing company has recently added new staff in preparation for the upcoming Vancouver Whistler 2010 Winter Olympics.


An offshoot of Fireworks Marketing Group, Fireworks Event Furniture currently carries products from Cort, Girari, and their own Fireworks core line, and will be offering Lounge22. The Girari and much of the Lounge22 line are green and environmentally friendly. These products are available to everyone, but the core market is event planners, branding and marketing groups, corporate groups, the movie industry, the wedding industry, and the trade show and conference industries. Currently they ship within the pacific northwest of Canada, but are capable of shipping to other parts of Canada and to the United States.

These rental options are environmentally appropriate, as you are only using what you need and the items are reusable. Fireworks Event Furniture also use durable and flexible furniture that withstand multiple uses, minimizing the need for more production of new furniture. Also the lines offered are green conscious. The Girari line is made from recycled sand-cast aluminum, glass and acrylic. It is also a “linenless” line of tables and chairs, so there is not the addition of renting and cleaning an excess of tablecloths and chair covers. Also the entire Diva line of lounge furniture, which is supplied by CORT, was purchased used and was refurbished by Fireworks Event Furniture. As well, all the foam and glues used in the construction of the furniture line is non-urea formaldehyde foam; in addition to this it is the lightest weight line, thus reducing fuel consumption on delivery.

Finally to further reduce the company’s impact on the environment Fireworks Event Furniture use unscented, non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning supplies to clean the furniture prior to rental and upon return of the rental. The ingredients of the cleaning supplies include non-chlorinated water, corn, tree sap, grass, potatoes, and sugar-cane.

Fireworks Event Furniture also ship their furniture in reusable, recycled fabric covers and use non-toxic, natural supplies for cleaning. Also when a product is removed from inventory it is donated to charity wherever possible or it is resold. And finally if it cannot be reused, Fireworks Event Furniture guarantees that they recycle as much of the product as possible. Fireworks Event Furniture are constantly striving to have as little impact on the environment as possible while still providing a quality and unique product which goes a long way to creating a green, eco-friendly event.

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