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Stikeman Elliott Carbon Neutral Certificate

By Green Guest | April 14, 2009

If you’ve ever paused during your curb front recycling, and gazed at those sharp glass and brushed aluminum escutcheons and wondered if any of the corporate bigwigs has any notion about sustainability, the good news is that they…do. The sustainability movement is catching on in the boardroom, and not a moment too soon. Stikeman Elliott, LLP has achieved a carbon neutral certificate formally testifying to the company’s commitment to green business practices.

If every company were to add up the sustainability of its combined operations and assess the damage, it would be front page news. Yet a company like Stikeman Elliott LLP goes the extra mile, buying carbon offsets, recycling internally firm-wide, and an intense uptick in environmentally conscious materials handling. Thermostat restraint, light lowering, water handling improvement, and use of video conferencing instead of travel wins the recognition Stikeman Elliott LLP deserves.

If one company will be writing the book on sustainability initiatives, carbon credits, and grass roots employees cafeteria napkin shucking, it will be Stikeman Elliott LLP. Who ever heard of a national law firm using its fins for good instead of evil? Stikeman Elliott has its own internal sustainability program, named GoingGreen, to function as a tracking and motivating system.

While most corporate entities buy tickets to the Environmental Ball and shift donations and shred the blue plastic bin papers, Stikeman Elliott LLP follows through with sustainability, wide awake on every suit. Commuting and virtual office practices were implemented. Procurement of recycled materials vendors and eco-friendly business partners makes Stikeman Elliott the model offset for green business.

In the perfect world, every company could manage this kind of sustainability, and the environmental pressure to evolve into an earth-friendly community of corporate entities competing “greenly” in global business might yield to the eventual reality.

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