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Another Canadian Company Goes Carbon Neutral

By GreenCompany | May 14, 2009

M&R Environmental of Burnaby British Columbia is the latest Canadian company to work hard on their commitment to the environment by becoming a carbon neutral business. M&R Environmental has set themselves apart by becoming Canada’s first large collector and in turn processor of used oil, used oil products like oil filters and containers and even antifreeze, to become carbon neutral in their overall operations.

This environmental-minded company processed over 13 million litres of used oil last year alone. M&R Environmental also took in and recycled and kept from the landfills 2.5 million pounds of used oil filters. M&R Environmental also managed to recycle 1 million litres of used antifreeze as part of their operations.

M&R Environmental President and CEO said of the company’s environmental stewardship, “As a locally owned and operated company we feel that leadership starts at home, which is why we are going carbon-neutral, but this should only be the start of building long-term partnerships with our customers, stakeholders, and suppliers of all sizes to team up and make a difference for the earth we all share.”

In order to become carbon neutral in their business operations, M&R sought the help of another Canadian company – Offsetters. Offsetters are one of Canada’s leading providers of carbon offsets. Offsetters works with companies to account for their overall environmental impact and then work towards offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions. For M&R part of their drive towards becoming carbon neutral included purchasing local whenever possible.

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