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Nissan LEAF The Zero Emission Vehicle

By GreenCompany | August 3, 2009

Coming late 2010 to the United States, Europe and Japan will be the zero-emission car the Nissan LEAF. Sporting a lithium-ion battery powered chassis, this medium-sized hatchback can seat five and has a total travel range of some 160 kilometers. There is no word yet if this zero-emission car will be initially offered in Canada as well, or that it will come later.


Nissan has poured decades worth of investment and research into creating the LEAF. It will be affordably priced, shows itself off with a distinctive design and comes with what Nissan calls Connected Mobility, their advanced intelligent transportation system. Like the leaf from nature, the LEAF by Nissan is meant to embody the purity of removing emissions.

Since the LEAF is a zero-emissions vehicle it will qualify for the new local, provincial and federal tax breaks being offered to consumers for choosing such vehicles.

Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn said of the new LEAF, “Nissan LEAF is a tremendous accomplishment – one in which all Nissan employees can take great pride. We have been working tirelessly to make this day a reality.”

The lithium-ion batteries powering the LEAF deliver over 90kW of power. The electric motor will deliver 80kW or 280Nm. This high power output will keep smiles on the faces of those expecting the same performance of similar sized gasoline powered vehicles. There will be no tail pipe on the LEAF. The ability to travel 160km on a single charge means this new vehicle can satisfy the regular driving needs of some 70 per cent world’s driving public. A quick charger will charge the on-board batteries to some 80 per cent in as little as 30 minutes. To fully charge all one needs is a 200V outlet and it will take only eight hours.

The LEAF is Nissan’s first offering amongst the company’s upcoming line of electric vehicles. The LEAF will be manufactured at Appama Japan. There will be further planning for manufacturing capacity at Smyrna Tennessee. The lithium-ion batteries used by the LEAF are produced in Zama Japan. Further sites are being explored for the manufacturing of the lithium-ion batteries.

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2 Responses to “Nissan LEAF The Zero Emission Vehicle”

  1. Terry R Says:
    December 4th, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    This is zero emission but is just changing the pollution from one type to another. Not a bad start but I’d need to see cold weather operation figures before I’d even go to see one. I’ll stick to me Toyota Camry Hybrid.

  2. R J R Says:
    March 1st, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    “This is zero emission but is just changing the pollution from one type to another.”
    Fuel Power plant pollution is bad to be sure but less harmful then car emissions(for a variety of reasons), but even if it were the same dispersal pattern and range, in many places a good portion of electricity is made by other means than combution and solar panels can be used to recharge cars(in addition to provide electricity for homes). In addition, electric cars are MUCH more efficient because ICE waste a huge amount of energy on the friction of internal parts, a fraction of the energy is used to move an electric car.

    “cold weather operation figures ”
    Ive had the same question myself, so far cold weather appears to reduce the amount of energy stored but not much, in all likelyhood that is an issue only for people who calculate they will be fairly close to the range limit, and most people are nowhere near the limit on their daily commute.

    In my case price and interior space could be issues, and the potential for 3rd party batteries as substitute for the original battery will be of interest(I would not want to buy a car for wich you could only use the manufacturers tires and the captive buyers were force to shell 200$ a month or something, which sounds like a racket)

    The Toyota RAV4EV shows that a decade old battery technology that is both proven long lasting and cheaper is perfectly capable of powering an adequatly roomy SUV, and these have been on highways for almost a decade with little maintenance and still using the original battery(I want to see a Li battery last that long, but im not holding my breath). The MSM is not reporting on Toyota RAV4EV and its NiMH battery (but repeating the car makers BS about battery technology) and they wonder why their credibility has been torn to shreds, go figure.