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Carbon Capture Is It The Answer To Carbon Emissions?

By Green Guest | February 6, 2010

Today’s challenges of providing energy and fuel for transportation, shipping, and commerce is blocked by a new awareness of concrete damage to the environment of by products and pollution, emissions and exhaust. Carbon emissions is one of the most serious concerns in any discussion of toxicity . This includes carbon storage after capture of matter and ultimate endpoint introduction into soils, air, and water tables.

The dynamics of carbon capture lie in the layer of carbon poisoning perceived to be most serious and threatening. Health risks for excessive carbon dioxide in the air we breathe, excessive carbon dioxide distribution into the air due to automobile exhausts, and exposure of climate and atmospheric conditions to mining and industrial processes emitting carbon dioxide require conscientious application of carbon capture to rebalance the natural order.

The appeal of “burying” the damaging elements of carbon via engineering or manipulation of physical properties is displaced by the challenges of transportation and limitation of carbon production to replace the polluted spaces and matter. Such carbon capture and storage would viably provide temporary benefit with saturation industrialization replacing these volumes cyclically.

Carbon captures is a new term used to describe the reclamation of carbon from emissions and climate affecting exhausts and by products using technology and innovation. The offset of carbon capture is meant to ameliorate and restore the balance between human resource use and organic environmental health and ecosystem recovery. Various technologies and approaches for carbon mitigation in air, water, and earth elements.

A good example of an area where carbon capture approaches are suggestibly welcome is the Atlanta tar sands mining operational zone in Alberta, Canada. Massive volumes of hydrocarbons produced in bitumen extraction are shed to the environment daily. The ratio of carbons produced and the ability of the natural environment to recover from this influx poses a conflict between meeting social and commercial energy needs and leaving a relatively toxic stamp on the resulting environment.

The complexity of a carbon capture and storage reality is that the processing required will tax energy reserves even more. Energy consumption for the purpose of carbon capture and replacement is a case of a dog chasing its tail. Yet hydrocarbons need a viable final resting place in any scenario of responsible The conflict posed between carbon capture and storage and the energy and processes required to scrub it from materials, matter, and atmospheric volumes poses a dilemma.

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One Response to “Carbon Capture Is It The Answer To Carbon Emissions?”

  1. cyberclark Says:
    February 6th, 2010 at 9:07 am

    There is more than one flavor of CCS. If as shell tell us, the carbon is being collected to be stored in deep strata or unpotable water aquifers it is a very good thing.

    If however the carbon dioxide is going to be used as a solvent to get more oil out of conventional wells then, it is a waste of our money. (I say our because the taxpayer will end up paying)

    It is the Weyburn experience the oil that has been scarfed returns to the surface with an abundance of carbon dioxide. Reports of venting, sounding like a jet plane and going on for hours remains in my mind.

    This double standard will in my mind lead investors in carbon cap and trade on the next big bubble.

    At some point, someone is going to audit!