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First Solar Powered Billboards

By Green Guest | February 2, 2010

Though a single billboard doesn’t have substantial impact on the environment, combined with millions of other billboards throughout the world, the impact can at least not be overlooked. The emission of carbon & the quantity of garbage it contributes after the advert campaigning is over alarming. The use of energy efficient LED instead of halogen bulbs will subsequently reduce their carbon emissions. Some advertising companies are making use of completely bio-degradable materials to create billboard adverts and some cities are providing space for advertisements as an incentive in exchange for the funding of environmentally friendly projects.

Though it is obvious that a single billboard doesn’t contribute hugely to environmental degradation, but with millions of such hoarding boards and billboard when lit up at night, substantially contribute to carbon emissions and the garbage which is produced after short advertising campaign can add mountains to already stressed landfills. In areas of power scarcity, the use of power for these billboard can not be overlooked.

However, recently in San Francisco, California, they saw their first ever billboard powered with solar energy. The billboard with solar arrangement can generate the power required for illuminating at night. The arrangement to link the billboard to the grid renders provision for feeding energy into the system when the billboard has surplus of energy then required for its purpose. Besides installation of solar panels, the billboard is provided with LED lights replaced in place of ordinary halogen lights, thus making it a ‘greener billboard’.

With the launch of solar powered billboards in San Francisco, the US joins the circle of countries like Canada and South Africa in utilizing new solar technologies as the countries throughout the globe in using solar powered advert boards.. But to make the advertisement eco-friendly, solar billboard are not the only alternative.

The advertising campaign for the promotion of Vodka 360 was a noted eco-friendly effort. The billboards for the advertisements were made completely out of bio-degradable plastic vinyl, and after the campaign accomplished, the adverts were recycled to produce shopping bags and wallets – themselves bio-degrade.

In Europe, JCDecaux, an advertising enterprise had adopted a new method of promoting green environments. It has gained rights to around 1600 billboards in the city of Paris, France, and in exchange should it fund the establishment and maintenance of the Velib Bike Program.

The scheme includes placement and repairs in case of necessity of 10,000 Velib bikes in 750 stations throughout the city. Tourist and residents shall have facility to use these bikes after signing some procedural requirements. This scheme has benefited the residents and visitors in using eco-friendly bikes for transportation it’s been effective in reducing overall traffic congestion. And most importantly promulgating the ideas of living in an eco-conscious community.

In the cities of Leon and Brussels, similar programs have also been successful. So most probably, these three green initiatives must be combined into one for launching more environmentally friendly billboards. They must put more concentration on biodegradability, solar powering, and eco-consciousness promoting.

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