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Climate-Friendly Technology

By GreenCompany | March 26, 2010

The Conference Board of Canada has come out swinging saying Canadian businesses have done a lackluster job at embracing and profiting from those technologies that help reduce greenhouse gas. In spite of this poor uptake, the Conference Board of Canada says Canadian businesses are still in a great position to improve their positions on climate-friendly technologies. These are the findings of the Conference Board of Canada report entitled – Global Climate-Friendly Trade: Canada’s Chance to Clean Up.

The author of the report Danielle Goldfarb said of the findings, “Canada will not be a leader in everything, but it is not too late for this country to be a leader in some technologies, parts of technologies, or related services. We have areas of relative strength due to our geography and resource base that we could harness to become world leaders in specific climate-friendly technologies and services.”

With the rapid increase of industry across the world greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and as such the business to combat it is as well. On pace to become the third largest worldwide industry, climate-friendly technologies present a great opportunity for Canadians to profit while helping the wider environment. Just over the horizon are technologies like energy derived from waves and tides, carbon capture and storage and much advanced electric cars for transportation.

From 2002 to 2008 climate-friendly technologies grew by a healthy ten per cent per year. Sadly Canada’s own climate-friendly exports did not grow at all. Over in Asia though, China has seen the future and saw forty per cent growth of environmentally friendly and climate-friendly products and services over the same period. Canadian businesses need to pick up the pace or they face being left behind and having to try to play catchup.

It’s not all bad as with a bit of work with the federal and provincial governments, Canadian companies can better place themselves to take advantage of the growth in green technology. Governments will need to break down any barriers to developing, investing and trading in beneficial climate-friendly technologies. Canadian businesses need to do their part by zeroing in on technologies that best lend themselves to advancing Canada towards being a world leader.

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