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Nissan LEAF Electric Car

By GreenCompany | April 29, 2010

Green Company Canada previously covered the upcoming green electric car by Nissan, the LEAF, and this week Nissan Canada is opening their new website featuring this electric vehicle.

Nissan LEAF Canada

The Nissan LEAF is slated for market release in Canada in late 2011. This car will be the first all-electric car available to consumers across Canada. There are other electric car ventures in Canada, but none with the manufacturing and marketing power that Nissan possesses.

Electric vehicles while certainly cleaner out the tailpipe versus traditional gasoline powered vehicles, still produce greenhouse gases during their manufacture and in many cases during the electrical generation up-line that ends up powering them. Electric vehicles that draw their source of power from solar, wind or hydro-generation are about as clean as clean can get.

Nissan Canada marketing director Mark McDade says of the LEAF, “There has been a lot of interest from Canadians to learn more about electric vehicles and what the ownership experience would be like. This website is a great place to learn more about all aspects of owning and driving the Nissan LEAF. Consumers seem eager to embrace electric vehicles as a way to make a significant impact on the environment and with Nissan LEAF, they don’t need to compromise comfort, style or driving pleasure.”

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