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Eco-Gifting It Is The Right Thing To Do

By Green Guest | May 8, 2010

The ecological and environmental hazards threatening the earth at present have reaching the boiling point. Air, earth and water are under attack from toxic industrial, and commercial waste materials as well as consumer produced toxins. Efforts to cut back in consumer waste products have yielded some smart eco friendly gifts. Eco-gifts might be household cleansers with biodegradable materials, or amusing carvings made from found materials.

Eco-gifts are items that convey the thought while spurning the concept of consumer waste. They might be items of jewelry made from other jewelry, or items of clothing that are gently used or remade form other materials. Popular eco-gifts might be a handbags made from 100% reclaimed materials or other garments with the patterns worked into usable material and notions.

Consumer recycling has barely kept pace with a fraction of ongoing waste production. For this reason the eco-gift directory can guide shoppers in any price range to find a ecologically sound gift that keeps on giving. Eco-gifts allow persons new to recycling to absorb the message and see the types of items that enable people to reduce, re-use and recycle.

Solar lamps that charge all day and shine all night make great eco-gifts. Cellphone and other small hand cranked devices make emergency and foul weather recharging a cinch. Special soaps and detergents with low-lather thresholds with an absence of harmful cleansers make eco-gifts for the home or individual. Seeds, garden supplies, or a how-to book to grow a vegetable garden are popular eco-gift ideas.

Green gifts that make sense to people with ecological awareness are now more in style than ever. Gifts that cut down on unnecessary power consumption, reduce industrial or transportation pollution, and are made from companies practicing ethical standards make excellent models for young persons just learning about the precious natural resources we hold in trust for future generations.

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