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Ford Of Canada Has It Backwards

By GreenCompany | May 1, 2010

CNW Group

Ford of Canada weathered the recession without the need of a bailout, but their latest announcement seems like the typical American car company policy that nearly sunk their domestic rivals.

Ford is announcing that they are offering to Canadian consumers the opportunity to retire their 2003 model year vehicles or older, in exchange for up to $3,000 to be used on a Ford vehicle. While this will help get some polluting cars and trucks of the roads, it is in our estimation being done backwards to really be of benefit to the environment.

Ford is offering qualified buyers only $1,000 towards the purchase of a more environmentally friendly small car or compact truck, while offering $3,000 towards the more fuel-heavy full-size trucks. To make this a true green offer they should have that reversed. Make it even more affordable to buy the small cars and trucks, and the environment wins by default.

Obviously Ford is doing this because they make more from the full-size vehicles and in turn can offer more of a rebate, but still, find a way Ford. Ford found a way to navigate the recession, and they should do the same into the future – which very much includes smaller more efficient cars and trucks. Don’t slack off now or you may soon also find yourself at the government’s door with your cap in hand asking for assistance.

Ford of Canada’s Recycle Your Ride program is offered in addition to the $300 made available from the Retire Your Ride program. The Retire Your Ride program is funded by the Government of Canada and applies to 1995 model year and older vehicles.

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