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Greening Up Waste Removal

By GreenCompany | February 25, 2011

CNW Group/Waste Management

The city of Vancouver and the surrounding areas are going to benefit from a new fleet of cleaner running natural gas trucks tasked with cleaning up and removing waste from the the city. Waste Management has teamed up with Terasen Gas to bring to the streets of Vancouver twenty new cleaner operating trucks to remove residential and commercial waste and garbage from the Greater Vancouver area.

Green Company Canada has highlighted Waste Management before for their green initiatives and the company has shown again that they are not only serious about removing garbage and unwanted waste from our cities, but that they are also serious at greening their efforts while doing it. Waste Management’s aim is to have 100 hundred waste and recycling trucks running on cleaner burning CNG – compressed natural gas.

Compressed natural gas is a better choice for the environment and for usage in large trucks as not only do the trucks run more quietly, they also have less air particulate in the exhaust and about a quarter less overall greenhouse gas emissions. For residents of densely packed neighbourhoods around Vancouver – the reduction in overall noise should be a welcome addition as noise pollution is a problem in itself.

Terasen Gas constructed a new CNG fueling station for Waste Management at their central location in Coquitlam BC. This will allow their fleet of trucks to fuel up at one location while saving Waste Management money at the same time as they are reducing carbon emissions.

Waste Management has a stated goal of reducing their operating fleet emissions by 15 percent while increasing their operations overall fuel efficiency by 15 percent as well. They have set a target date of 2020 to achieve these goals. To which, vice president of Waste Management, Doug Stout said, “Transitioning to clean air trucks to serve Lower Mainland communities and businesses shows Waste Management is listening to our customers and championing BC’s bid to sustain its position as a world-class sustainability leader.”

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