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Rooftop Solar Panels

By GreenCompany | March 4, 2011

In every city and large town are many large privately owned buildings with unused rooftop space. Endura Energy is tapping into that by placing solar panels on these open spaces. In Richmond Hill, Ontario, they have begun installing the first commercial scale rooftop solar panel installation in the province.

The 100 kW solar panel system was constructed with the Ontario Power Authority’s program titled – Feed-in-Tariff or FIT. This installation will provide some 110,000 kWh of environmentally friendly electrical energy each and every year. The greenhouse gas emissions saved are estimated at 85 tonnes annually. But not only that, the green energy created will be feed back into the local grid.

For the owners of these buildings the addition of solar panels creates another revenue stream for them and get this – they can take part with no upfront investment. That should certainly get more building owners on side!

The Richmond Hill building site will feature 442 solar panels covering 20,000 square feet of unused roof space. Endura Energy will lease the rooftop space for a period of 20 years. It’s simple thinking and in turn simple solutions like these to our complex energy needs that give us hope for a greener future. There is literally millions of square feet of unused flat rooftop space across Canada just begging for solar panels.

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