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Electronic Recycling Association – Green Company Profile

By GreenCompany | April 23, 2012

The following is the Green Company Profile for the Electronic Recycling Association – ERA.

The ERA (Electronic Recycling Association)’s head office is located in Calgary, AB. The business has been operating for 12 years. It started as one office in Calgary, AB with three employees and has grown to 30+ employees and international offices. ERA aworks to protect landfills from the impact of electronic waste and to help charities gain access to technology they otherwise cannot afford.

The Electronic Recycling Association offers refurbished computers and other IT related electronics as well as pick-up services for donations from homes and businesses. ERA’s services are available to people who are referred/ sponsored by a recognized charitable organization.

ERA’s services benefit the environment by reusing and refurbishing the donations that they receive, and they reduce the amount of harmful waste that can make its way into the landfills and therefore into the environment. ERA by collecting the donations ensures that the electronics are disposed of properly and in an eco-friendly manner.

When asked why consumers should choose ERA’s services, Marketing & Events Coordinator Anita Webber stated:

“Consumers should choose ERA because we pride ourselves in ensuring that we do our best to prevent unnecessary waste, both in our landfills and environments. We are helping to change the lives of so many people by reusing what others take for granted. We give students access to their school work from home. We give underprivileged children and adults the chance to reconnect with technology. We help charitable organizations to broaden their horizons on the amount of people that they can help.”

Canadians can also volunteer with ERA and gain relevant computer experience while helping the environment. You will also be rewarded with a computer for volunteering your time. Cities served by ERA include Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and more.

Electronics that can be recycled include computers, printers, phone systems, monitors, laptops, notebooks, software, servers and server racks.

You can learn more about ERA and volunteer opportunities via their website at –

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