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Advanced Home Energy Green Company Profile

By GreenCompany | October 1, 2012

The following is the Green Company Profile for Advanced Home Energy of Richmond, California. Advanced Home Energy (AHE) is an award-winning company that offers a range of home energy efficiency services including energy assessments, solar, heating and cooling, insulation, windows and more. You will also find information on how homeowners can take advantage of rebates and other incentives for their green home design or remodel/renovation.

1. Business name and location. How long in operation, branch locations/plans for expansion etc. If non-profit what do you advocate for?

Advanced Home Energy
4907 Central Ave, Richmond, CA 94804

In business since 2006. Building Performance Institute Accredited Contractor. Efficiency First Founding Member.

2. Types of products and/or services offered. Who are they available to and what countries/regions do you ship to or service?

Green building and energy efficiency upgrades for buildings (residential and commercial). We offer whole house energy assessments, energy efficiency consulting and HERS II ratings to the San Francisco Bay Area. We also offer complete energy upgrade services including recycled green insulation, high efficiency HVAC, dual pane windows, tankless and hybrid water heaters, hydronic floor heating, French drains and more.

3. How do your products and/or services benefit the environment?

We use recycled cellulose and recycled denim insulation products. This choice has the dual benefit of using recycled or post-consumer products and reducing the energy load of the buildings we work on. Tankless and Hybrid water heaters dramatically reduce the amount of water wasted on water heating. High efficiency HVAC systems don’t need to operate as long and when combined with an insulated home can reduce energy needed to maintain a comfortable home by 50%. By using the latest technologies and techniques in building science we maintain a strict dedication to energy efficiency which benefits the environment by utilizing a more efficient infrastructure design.

4. Why should consumers choose your business for green products or services?

Not only are recycled insulation products more eco-friendly but they are a healthier alternative than traditional fiberglass insulation. Unlike fiberglass insulation, recycled denim and cellulose insulation products are 100% safe for your kids. Additionally a properly designed high efficiency HVAC and duct system can have dramatic improvements on indoor air quality. The EPA has reported that indoor air quality can often by 5 to 100 times worse than outdoor air quality. This is due to old, poorly designed HVAC systems that are recycled particulates in the air.

For an example of how our energy efficiency work has directly improved the health of our client’s families see this local blog post:

5. What types of rewards or high-profile recognition has your company received?

Advanced Home Energy was voted best Green Building Company of 2010 by SFGate’s Best of the Bay Lists. In 2011, Advanced Home Energy won Energy Upgrade California’s Energy Efficiency Award.

6. Involved in any government programs?

Advanced Home Energy is a participating contractor in Energy Upgrade California. We are qualified to process all Energy Upgrade CA rebates for homeowners interested in going green.

To learn more about AHE please visit their website at:

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