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Eco-Tech Recycling Green Company Profile

By GreenCompany | November 7, 2012

The following is the Green Company Profile for Eco-Tech Recycling. Eco-Tech Recycling provides E-waste solutions for consumers so that they can recycle their obsolete, non-working, or unwanted computer and electronic equipment. Eco-Tech Recycling serves to fill the demand for an Electronic Recycling Centre in the Waterloo Region and southern Ontario by working with a network of OES Primary Processors that ensure all E-waste received from their recycling facility is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Eco-Tech Recycling works to ensure that all E-waste is re-used or recycled so that it never ends up in landfills in Canada or abroad.

Eco-Tech Recycling logo

1. Business name and location. How long in operation, branch locations/plans for expansion etc. If non-profit what do you advocate for?

Established in August 2010 Eco-Tech Recycling is located at 505 Dotzert Court Waterloo, ON N2L 6A7

2. Types of products and/or services offered. Who are they available to and what countries/regions do you ship to or service?

Eco-Tech Recycling offers many E-waste solutions ranging from pick-up of E-waste at your location to data destruction service. Eco-Tech will work with you to build a unique solution and meet your environmental strategies and business needs. You can call or visit Eco-Tech Recycling if you need to get rid of your old or broken computers, TVs, phones, printers, ACs, microwaves and more!

3. How do your products and/or services benefit the environment?

Eco-Tech Recycling is dedicated to keeping both residential and corporate consumers alike Green, by accepting and responsibly recycling all computer and electronic waste.

4. Why should consumers choose your business for green products or services?

Since 2010, Eco-Tech Recycling has reached out to business and residential communities with recycling their E-waste responsibly. Whether through a community event at a local high school, or through an employee engagement program at a large corporation, Eco-Tech Recycling makes recycling E-waste easy and convenient for all! By diverting electronic waste from ever reaching our landfills, we are preventing harmful E-waste from contaminating our soil and poisoning our water supplies.

5. What types of rewards or high-profile recognition has your company received?

Eco-Tech Recycling was a nominee for the K-W Chamber of Commerce Environmental Sustainability Business excellence award in February 2012 for serving as a Green company providing essential E-waste solutions to the Waterloo Region.

6. Involved in any government programs?

Eco-Tech Recycling is an E-waste Generator under the Ontario Stewardship Recycling program. All collected E-waste is processed and recycled within Ontario helping reduce E-waste contamination in landfills and reduce overall consumer electronic costs by reclaiming precious metals contained within electronic waste.


To learn more about Eco-Tech Recycling by visiting their website at –
You can find them on Twitter at – @ecotech10

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