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Green Roofs

By GreenCompany | January 7, 2013

Not long ago I remember reading an interesting article on Mexico City and the return to and now ongoing growth of green roofs in that city. Mexico City clearly has the climate and hours of sunshine needed to really take advantage of green roofs – especially those geared towards vegetable and fruit cultivation. But with that comes the side benefit of reduced energy costs for keeping homes and businesses cool during the warmest months. And that leads us to Canada and the United States and how green roofs can be of a benefit to homeowners and businesses alike.

Across Canada there are tens of thousands of bare flat rooftops not living up to their full potential. Enterprising owners of such buildings are beginning to see the financial benefits of no longer allowing this unused space to be just that – unused. With green initiatives and grants some businesses and homeowners are now utilizing solar panels to generate electricity for their own needs, with some selling their excess energy for profit. Green roofs can also be a financial windfall when used like in Mexico City.

Homeowners with the appropriate roofs can grow food and/or create decorative areas to further enhance their dwellings while reducing heating and cooling costs – and which family couldn’t use that! In crowded urban areas green roofs also help reduce bare surface areas which radiate heat, while creating new green spaces for insects and small animals such as birds. These new green spaces can also be focal points for redesigned or remodeled homes or businesses. Going forward city councils in Canada’s largest cities should be looking at ways of helping this trend continue and grow.

If your home or business is utilizing a green roof we would love to see your photos and hear your personal stories. You can leave a comment below or contact us directly.

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